Jeff Buckley x Dana Tynan  

Color: Black and White

Size: TBD

Medium: Film converted to digital print.

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Jeff Buckley - Lepel Indie Icons Series - Digital ProPrint by Dana Tynan
In the chronicles of music history, Dana Tynan's lens captured a moment of serendipity – a rare, unearthed gem from his first Rolling Stone interview that now transcends time. In this black and white print, Jeff Buckley is immortalized during the zenith of his career, the era of 'Grace.' The frame is a portal to an intimate, unguarded instant – Buckley's eyes, deep and reflective, seem to hold secrets of the universe. The image resonates with the enigmatic charisma that defined this artist, his talent and vulnerability laid bare. It's a glimpse into the soul behind the music, a testament to the power of both the artist and the photographer to capture a moment that will forever echo through the corridors of musical legend.


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